Heart Tattoo Archive

Wool heart tattoo

A tattoo designed by Alena Chun from the city of Portland, Oregon. It shows a design of a red hear made from wool, behind the design theres a couple of nitting needles, and above the heart a note with the word “Crafty”. A beautiful tattoo with nice shapes and shadows which talks about passions and

Heart tattoo on chest

A realistic heart tattoo, tattooed on the chest of a man. It was done with black and grat colors. We can appreciate that there are several lines that come out of the veins and arteries of the heart, which show the course of the blood. It is certainly a great work by the artist for

Origami figures on the chest

A tattoo composed of several images, but all these share one characteristic: all of them are figures made in the ancient art of origami. You can apreciate  figures of birds (cranes) of different sizes and  in the midle a red heart. Tattoo done on the chest of a girl.

Heart tattoo on forearm

In this tattoo, located in the forearm, we can apreciate a human heart with a classic / old school style with some black flowers decorating it. The black flowers have highlights in white ink, and the rest was done with yellow ink. The flowers seem to be grapping around all the heart.

Heart tattoo on foot

Located in the foot with a simple design and subtle this heart tattoo is just great. A really discrete place where to get a tattoo, but that can be shown whenever you want (pick up some hills or flats, and there you go).