Heartgram Archive

Heartagram neck tattoo

 One of the favorite symbols for tattoos: a heartagram, which is a pentagram but it contains a heart instead of a 5 point stars. A great symbol for those of you who hear Love Metal. A symbol which became very popular because of the musical band HIM. A small tattoo done on the nape of a girl.

Heartagram arm tattoo

A heartagram tattoo on the back of the arm of a boy. It is surrounded by a highly detailed background. The heartagram is a symbol that represents life and death (the heart and the triangle) and it is surrounded by a circle that represents a continuous cycle within this two elements. Tattoo done by ‘darkswall0w‘.

Skulls with heartagram tatoo

 A sublime tattoo done at Tattoo Temple by Wang, one of the most famous tattoo studios in the world. Basically are a couple of skulls with roses (blue and red) aside of them. The lower skull also has a heartagram on the forehead. The whole work talks about life and death (flowers and skulls). Tattoo done on

Small heartagram tattoo

A couple of small tattoos on the fingers of a girl. In the middle finger there’s a heartagram which is popular as the logo of the rock band HIM. Aside is the number 13, which is usually seen as a bad luck number, but for some people is a symbol of good luck.

Heartgram tattoo

“Heartgram” tattoo  which is similar to the logo of the band HIM.