Hello Kitty Archive

Hello Kitty (tattoo on hand)

  A tattoo of the most famous cat in the world: Hello Kitty. A design done by Tatt life for one of its customers in which they adapted the face of Hello Kitty to the shape of the letter “W”. The letter could be the initial of the name of the person whom this tattoo belongs, or perhaps of someone

Adorable Hello Kitty Tattoos

A couple of adorable Hello Kitty tattoos on the legs ??of a woman, done just above the heel. On one side it is her wearing a red dress, on the other side is Hello Kitty disguised as an angel. The photo captures your  attention when you see those pink heels, doesn’t it?

Hello Kitty and a zombie version

  A pair of Hello Kitty tattoos on the arms of a girl. It is the face of Japan’s cutest cat, and on the other side a “zombie”  version of her. Both tattoos were done by John Ragoe from Black 13 studio.

Hello Kitty tattoo on feet

 A cute couple of tattoos on the feet of a girl, it is the “Japan Ambassador” Hello Kitty. Tattoo done byAngie Bergeron, at Revolution Ink located at Leesville, LA. Check other Hello Kitty Tattoos.

Hello Kitty tattoo

Hello Kitty tattoo on arm of a woman.