Henna Tattoo Archive

Gecko tattoo on arm (henna)

Tattoo of a gecko. This is a design made with henna, however I like it. The appearance is similar to that of the crafts that are usually done in southern Mexico and Central America. Where it is very common to see these animals. I do not usually upload henna tattoos unless their designs are interesting

Elephant tattoo in Henna

A good design done in Henna.

Dali style elephant tattoo

Made with Henna, undoubtedly a great design.

Birds tattoo made in henna

Although Henna, this tattoo is incredible.  Several birds which rise  through the hand and arm, there are also a couple of designs that resemble vines on fingers and part of her hand.

Henna tattoo on hand

Henna tattoos on hand of a woman, a tradition common in India and around.