Hindi Tattoo Archive

Elephant tattoo on upper back

An elephant tattooed on the back of a woman, precisely on the scapula. This is an Indian-looking design, you see the elephant raising his head and trunk, while hoisting a leg, a pose with movement and energy. A very nice blackwork a highly original design.

Lotus flower mandala tattoo

  Mandala of a lotus flower tattooed on the forearm of a girl. The mandalas are symbols of great importance in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing beauty and perfection. These represent microcosm or macrocosm, and in this particular case it is a lotus flower. In recent years these designs have become very popular for both women

Dotwork tattoos on the back of hands

 A series of tattoos on the backs of the hands of a woman. On one side is the face of Buddha, the other side is a flower, both done as dotworks. There are other smaller tattoos on the fingers, small flowers, a cloud, a horseshoe, among other small items.

Ganes tattoo on stomach and ribs

  Ganesh Tattoo. One of the main deities in Hinduism. It is represented as an elephant shaped god with 4 arms, which carry all sort of tools or weapons. A large tattoo found along the entire abdomen and ribs. A job with impressive realism.

Mandala tattoo on arm

  A green and red mandala tattooed on the arm of a girl, almost the elbow. The combination of colors is spectacular and the detail of the work speak pretty much by itself. An amazing tattoo done by Rye Bean from the Bang Bang BodyArts tattoo studio at Northampton, MA.