Hip Tattoo Archive

Large pirate skull tattoo

  A tattoo of a skeleton pirate which clearly is inspired in the movies of Pirates of the Caribbean. The tattoo contains a lot of fine details in the skull, the clothes it wears and the message carried: “Take what ya can, give nothin back”. A fantastic piece of work done by Sean Kelley at

Bear tattoo on hips

  A large tattoo of a bear around the hip and belly. It is not just a bear but also a representation of the spirits of the nature.  A really nice drawing and original concept created at Nvs-Ink Art at Vidor, TX. Work done by the artist James Valdez. Un dibujo bastante simpático, que  en mi opinión,se

Pocket Watch hip tattoo

  An incredible tattoo done on the hip and abdomen of a young man. This is a pocket watch with Roman numerals. The work has a soft copper color for and shadings with black ink. Tattoo done by artist Denis Sivak.

Bike tattoo on the lower back

  A tattoo of a bike done on the hip (lower back) of a girl. A tattoo done with so much details it looks like a painting and it’s even hard to believe it is a real tattoo. This amazing tattoo was done by the UK based artist Denis Sivak.

Tree tattoo on hip and stomach

A gorgeous girl showing her tattoo of a tree with a realistic design. Work done at the hip and ribs of the girl.