Horror Tattoo Archive

Tattoo of Kaonashi from Spirited Away

A strange character called Kaonashi, who appeared for the first time in the movie “Spirited Away”, whose composition is not due to the tattoo artist, but the imagination of the wearer. The tattoo is trying to achieve a fairly clear goal, none other than to feel protected by its presence. Drawn by Peter Cortez Javier

Zombie head

  An elegant zombie, or at least his head, is depicted in this tattoo on the leg of a boy. It is a blue head with part of the skin missing, yellow eyes with long eyelashes, a metal jaw and messed up teeth. Yet he is wearing a monocle, a symbol of elegance and wealth.

Vampire candy corn

  A candy corn, very typical of all American Halloween celebrations. In order to make it look more “terrorific” this design has a sort of vampiric look, with a creepy eyes, sawtooth teeth and bat wings, but at the end it just simply looks cute and funny. Something pretty simple, full of colors and a

Vampire tattoo (Nosferatu)

A highly detailed tattoo of Nosferatu. This tattoo is quite hyperrrealistic, with lots of details and shades, you can even see the veins and the soft change of color in the fangs. In some way it also reminds me to the character of Salem Lot, from Stephen King Book (and also movie). A terrific tattoo done

Zombie hand tattoo

  A tattoo done by Jeff Norton in Aesthetic Ink  tattoo studio at California. It is a greenish zombie hand, inspired in the classic horror movies. This body which is in decay still keeps some good quality clothes, dont you think so? The tattoo is still to be finished, but so far the small shadows