Horse Tattoo Archive

Tattoo of Horse’s Face Adorned

An impressive drawing created by Greggletron, incredibly detailed, of a horse’s head and part of its body, dressed to the nines in its finest adornments. These adornments are so life-like, and like the ones that used to be worn by horses in the most dignified of parades.

Purple horse tattoo

  A fantastic tattoo of a purple-pink horse done with an effect that makes it look like it was from metal. It even looks like Robot Unicorn from Adult Swim. Done by Mark Halbstark from who you can check more tattoos here.

The Horse of Troy tattoo

 The mythic Horse of Troy which allowed the Romans to invade the city. A big horse made of wood and sent as a present, but which actually contained soldiers. Behind the horse there’s an effect like flames, perhaps the city is burning? Tattoo done by Marina Ekeverg, a Sweden travelling tattoo artists

Horse tattoo on full back

Not for nothing I say that the skin is a canvas and needs to know paint on it. This is perhaps one of the best tattoos I’ve seen in a while.

Tattoo on arm (incredible)

Tide and a pair of skeletons horses tattoo on arm (how bad description mine). The truth is that it is an original design.