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Why you should never get a tattoo ( but have a lot of babies instead)

When I have some free time I like to read dozens of blogs, while the rest of the time I barely check up on my own Website. I was at it today when I found this website written by a mother (The Ugly Volvo) that even though she doesn’t have any tattoo on her, she

What should I know about shoulder tattoos?

You are excited to get a new tattoo and you have decided that it’s gonna be on your shoulder this time. But just when you are about to head to your favorite tattoo studio, you doubt for a moment and you decide to look up on the net some details about tattoos on the shoulder.

Anesthesia for tattoos

In my personal opinion, a tattoo is an experience that must be enjoyed with all the senses: hear the buzzing of the machine, smell the fragrance of the shop, see the designs in the shelves, eat or drink something between the breaks; and of course: feel the needle on the skin. Yes, tattoos hurt, and