Infinite Tattoo Archive

Infinite tattoo on chest

Infinite symbol tattoo on chest. If you love the infinity symbol, be sure to check this section.

Ants tattoo by M. C. Escher

On of the most famous drawings of MC Escher turned into a tattoo. It is the ants which travel on a track infinite, a network with the infinity symbol. By DJ.Tammy Voodoo tattoo studio.

I feel infinite

 “I feel Infinite”  tattoo on abdomen of a girl.

Infinite + Strength tattoo

Tattoos with infinity symbol are becoming very popular. This is a modification that adds the word “Strength” . Tattoo on hip of a girl.

Small tattoos for women

A pair of small and very discreet tattoos for women. A heart and an infinity symbol tattoos on the wrists of a girl.