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Neck tattoos for women

Last year I noticed that neck tattoos for women have become more and more popular. They are all about a really convenient location in the neck for women, as it can be as discrete as they want it to be. If they want to conceal the tattoo they can just let loose their hair (as

Ultraviolet tattoos

UV tattoos are those tattoos that glow in the dark; they are also called neon tattoos, blacklight tattoos, etc… any other name that sounds like it will glow when exposed to some special light. They are basically ordinary tattoos, without much mystery, they are made with the same tattoo machines and the procedure is the

Welcome to Tattoo xd

Welcome to Tattoo xd, our website began back in August 2011 in our Spanish version “Tatuajesxd“. Today, on January 2012 after a succesful year, we begin with Tattooxd, our version in English. We dedicded to colect photos of tattoos because we consider it a manifestation of art and as so, it must be disclosed. At Tattooxd you