Inverse Tattoo Archive

Elephant blackwork tattoo

Tattoo on the arm of a man, made with an attractive style of blackwork. This time it is a stylish Indian elephant which has a small crown. Made by Cyrille of Inky Dinky tattoo studio in Lyon, France.  

Blackwork tree tattoo

  A blackwork tattoo done on the complete arm of  a man. It’s a quite abstract tattoo that may represent a forest, with a couple of threes and several branches around. Done by the tattoo artist Watson Atkinson at Portland, Maine.

Blackwork rose on arm

 A blackwork piece done at the arm of a man. This are very complex tattoos in which the ink is “inverted” so the lines of the drawings are the parts without ink. In this case there’s a rose done on the middle of the tattoo.

Kind stencil cat tattoo on back

A cat blackwork done on back of a boy. The cat has a mysterious look don’t you think so?

Blackwork tattoo

Known as blackwork tattoos, this style consists in painting everything but the line should have the tattoo. These are quite complex works, but the results well worth it. This tattoo was done by Easy Sacha, in Mystery Tattoo Club studio.