Japanese Tattoo Archive

Japanese Fox Tattoo

A majestic animal, proudly brought to life here by tattoo artist Emma Louise on the arm of its owner, representing one of the most beautiful figures of Japanese mythology, the fox Kitsune. How can we be so sure? Well, there aren’t any other foxes in Japanese mythology. This fox has 9 tails trailing behind him.

Samurai Skull Tattoo

This Samurai, done by Nick Baldwin, of whom all that remains is a head and the helmet he wore into battle. A warrior which, during a long period of time, was the ultimate representation of authority in feudal Japan and whose effigy is still, for many Japanese, the highest expression of honor.  

Origami Elephants Tattoo

Very elegant with simple lines, showing a pair of elephants, presumably from the same family, as if they were made of paper using the ancient technique of Origami. A technique invented in the Far East, which consists of folding ordinary paper into animals, flowers, objects, and other things.

Pikachu Tattoo Behind Ear

One of the most well-known Pokemon in the world, this design was created by TJ Lout in Dogstar Tattoo in Durham, North Carolina. Drawn in a partially hidden location, which will certainly be covered by this woman’s hair, it’s the perfect tattoo for those who grew up with these friendly creatures. Pika pika.

Japanese Anime Character Tattoo

Friendly-looking, appears to be some type of fantasy character with magical powers. A character whose name we don’t know (if anyone knows what it is, please let us know in a comment and we’ll add it), whose owner wanted to affix it to their skin, with the help of tattoo artist Jennifer of 808 Tattoo.