Jellyfish Tattoo Archive

Jellyfishes tattooed on the back

Three big jellyfishes tattooed on the back of a girl. Each of them contains soft details and intense colors. Jellyfishes are oftenly associated with the femenine figure and wisdom. Also they represent a link between the sea and the sky. A mysterious animal from the sea that is quite popular.

Jellyfish tattoo on leg

  A very original jellyfish tattoo, it begins in the leg and its tentacles fall to the ankle. This animal exists since  about 500 million years ago and is feared by the people for their dangerous venom and their stealthy movements used underwater to capture or poison their preys. This type of tattoos inspire a

Red and blue jellyfish tattoo

  A jellyfish in red and blue color (high contrast) tattooed on the leg of a woman. In the “head” of the jellyfish there is a design similar to a mandala and within a figure that resembles one ruby. The design is pretty “balanced”  even the tentacles are done with some symmetry. By Eva Huber

Colorful Jellyfish back tattoo

 A large jellyfish tattooed on the back of a woman. Made with blue and orange colors that give an attractive contrast. By Matt at Shogun Tattoo studio at Milwaukee, WI.

Orange jellyfish tattoo

Jellyfish are one of the most enigmatic animals in the sea, also they are quite dangerous to us. This tattoo impressed me a lot for all the details and the intense colors in it.