Joy Division Archive

She’s lost control (arm tattoo)

Tattoo in the middle of the arm of a girl,  it is a group of waves that cover all the arm. Bellow is the phrase “She’s lost control”. It is a tattoo inspired Joy Division’s album Unknown Pleasures. She’s lost control is the 6th song of this album, and personally the best of it. Tattoo done by Felipe

Joy Division tattoo at chest

From the famous album Unknown Pleasures of Joy Division. A very popular design for chest and back tattoos.

Joy Division tattoo

Another tattoo of the Joy Division punk band, the cover of their album Unknown Pleasures is well known. Tattoo done by Jason on Tried and true tattoo studio in Arroyo Grande, CA

Joy Division tattoos

From post-punk Joy Division band. It is the  Unknown Pleasures album cover.