Key Tattoo Archive

Key and envelope tattoo on feet

A tattoo that apparently is a message of love done in the inner side of the feet. It may be about love in the distance, or perhaps about a penpal friendship. The small size of the tattoo and the location of it makes it a discrete tattoo.

Locks tattoos for couples

  A couple of tattoos of locks in the hands of a young couple. Each has the same design just different colors (purple and blue). The locks are symbols of hoarding something that is appreciated. A bright idea for a couple in love.

Small heart key tattoo

Tattoo of a small key on the wrist of a woman. This is a minimalist design, the most interesting detail is the heart-shaped knob. A discreet design, and very beautiful for girls.

Red birds tattoo

A couple of cute red birds tattooed on the leg and thigh of a girl. It’s a very original design done by Sanne Vaghi in the city of Berlin at Germany.

Candle tattoo for girls

Candle tattoo on the stomach of a girl with also a lock. Such an interesting tattoo and a sexy belly.