Knuckle Tattoo Archive

Awesome ideas for engagement rings

Indeed, once again I’ve decided to put together a compilation of what I consider some of the best ideas I’ve seen so far, and in this post I bring you some tattoo ideas for couples, especially for those who have a future wedding in mind. By the way, congratulations to all the married couples! And without

Japanese Style Demon Tattoo on Hand

A rather frightening looking demon (at least that’s what I think I’m seeing here), Japanese style, done at Bold As Brass studio in Liverpool, with which this man chose to decorate this part of his body. But it’s not the only tattoo adorning his hand: there is also a message written on his knuckles, although

Creepy hand

An amazing work done by 2Face Tattoo, in such a nice little place like the hand and fingers. It is a design of one of the most used symbols in the world of tattoos: the skulls. The composition contains several skulls in the fingers and the word “skin” on them. At the same time it

Small owl on the knuckle

  A small owl tattoo on the knuckle of a woman. It is the drawing of  this lovely creature with a pair of big yellow eyes. This is a great quality work since the fingers are not easy places to tattoo, and even less with that amount of detail.

Angry Birds tattoo

Knuckle’s tattoo inspired on the video game Angry Birds from Rovio. Did you say you loved Angry Birds?