Koi Fishes Archive

Fish tattoo on stomach

A unique tattoo of a large fish in the middle of the stomach-chest of this guy, done aside, specifically on the ribs. Done with dark inks and with great skill. Ideal for those who love marine animals.

Koi Fish tattoo on forearm

The Japanese carp or koi fish are one of the most classic designs of tattoos. These were used for ornamental purposes in Japan, and then became very popular as pets in many parts of the world. Its meaning as tattoos is perseverance. Tattoo done on the forearm of a man.

Koi fish on the leg

  A Koi fish tattoo on a man’s leg. You can see the fish diving into the water. A traditional Japanese style tattoo. By Ms. Nico  at All-Style Tattoo studio in Berlin, Germany.

Tattoo Temple tattoos (fishes)

Koi fishes tattooed on back. With Splattered technique. Drawing and tattoo done by Wang – Tattoo Temple Hong Kong.

Chinese dragon, a bear and a carp tattoo

An interesting tattoo that combines the symbols from three regions: Dragons from, Koi fish from Japan and a Grizzly bear U.S. characteristic. Tattoo done by artist Pablo Garcia of La Mano Zurda Tattoo Studio located in Madrid, Spain