Koray Karagözler Archive

Dandelion and purple splashes

  Tattoo of a dandelion while it is been blown to pieces. You can see the small part falling  apart in the air. In the background is a splash with a watercolor style done with purple and blue ink which follows the same direction as the fragments of the flower. Made in the back of a

Paper boat tattoo

  A small boat of paper (origami) tattooed on a woman’s foot. Done with thin lines that make a very simple design, over it has a blue color stroke that resembles water. By Koray Karagözler a tattooist in Beyoclu, Turkey.

Abstract tattoo by Koray Karagozler

  An inner arm tattoo with an abstract design with intense red-orange colors. It is a work done by Koray Karagozler from who we have seen many other works here at the site. As most of her works, this one contains a watercolor effect with some strokes that look like they were made with pen.

Heart tattoo (watercolor effect)

 An abstract heart tattoo with a very interesting effect. There is a pink purple blur below the drawing meanwhile the lines are made with a sort of “ink splatter” design. The heart is never closed, but it still enough detailed so we can recognize it. A work done by Koray Karagözler on the leg of a woman.

Brain hemispheres tattoo

I love this tattoo so much. This is a design that represents both hemispheres of the brain each one with its own attributes. The right hemisphere of the brain it’s more interesting in colours because creativity and imagination are associated to this side, it contains the phrase: I am everything I wanted to be. In