Landscape tattoos Archive

Aurora borealis

  A beautiful drawing of an aurora borealis done by the expert hands of Brian macNeil from Regeneration Tattoo Parlor, MA (United States). The tattoo is able to capture the fascinating escence of this natural phenomenon that can be seen only in the northermost part of the world (or southermost, but those are called auroras

Tattoo of a jungle scene

Ian (from Ink Tattoo) surprises us with this highly detailed armpiece, with high details that make it look almost as photography. It is a colorful tattoo with a jungle scenario in which three typical animals from this environment can be seen: a monkey, a fierceful pantera and a wise snake.

Tent tattoo above elbow

Tattoo done a little above the elbow. It shows a simple image of a night landscape, shop flares and pine trees (with a very sympathetic look) in the background. In the sky get to see the stars which were made simply with points slightly apart.

Sky with clouds tattoo

A beautiful tattoo throughout the arm and forearm of a man. It is blue sky with with various clouds in it. An excellent tattoo to decorate the whole arm, we completely ignore the meaning, but looks great. It is simply a work of art

Beach sunset tattoo

He carries the beach with him everywhere. A fun tattoo done on the inside of the biceps, it is a landscape of a beach: a sunset over the waves of the sea, silhouettes of a couple of palm trees and a vine as contour of the tattoo with a purple flower on the middle. A