Lenad Nada Archive

Branch and flowers tattoo on the chest

  Tattoo of a tree branch across the chest of a man. There are also  a couple of blossoms and flowers on the branch. and a black stain sort of an ink splatter. Tattoo done by artist Lenad Nada.

Poppy flowers tattoo

Three large poppy flowers tattooed on the back of a girl. A stunning work done by Lenad Nada who works at Lille, France.

Abstract tree tattoo by Lenad Nada

An abstract tree tattooed on shoulder, forearm  and arm of a boy.  An amazing work done with red and blavk ink by the tattoo artist Lenad Lada.

Half bird half cat tattoo (Lenad Nada)

A curious tattoo done by the tattoo artist Lenad Nada of a half cat- half bird animal. Fuente: Facebook (oficial)

Shoulder tattoo by Lenad

Lenad Nada is a talented tattoo artist which somehow hasn’t become well known yet, but his works are breathtaking. Lenad began as a graffiti artist, and after several years he now combines his urban knowledge with ink to make these impressive works.