Line tattoos Archive

Couple of lines tattooed on legs

A minimalist tattoo which only two lines drawn appreciated, one in each leg. These lines seem to halve the legs of the woman wearing it, or resemble to some hosiery. Although at first glance appears to be a simple tattoo, it looks very sexy.

Couple of lines tattoo on the back

A pair of thick straight lines tattooed on the back of a man. You can appreciate that this is a tattoo that has been made ??to cover a design that was previously on the back. The tattoo goes well with the couple having on the arms, which are in their own way another pair of

Three lines tattoo

Three long line tattoos across the neck, shoulder and arm of a man, in black and red colors. Done by Stefan Halbwachs at Happy Needles (I love this name), at Austria. Ver otros tatuajes de líneas.

Black line on the foot

A tattoo done by  Maxime Büchi (aka Mxm). It’s a line around the ankle.

Tattoo on back of hand

Tattoo on  back of the hand of a boy. Meaning unknown. Pretty aesthetic, yes. Has the MxM style but I do not know who was the artist behind this tattoo.