Lion Tattoo Archive

Lion tattoo on the leg

The fierce king of the jungle tattooed on the leg of this guy, it is a design done by Jamie Lee Parker at MD Tattoo Studio located in Northridge, CA. The details that were impregnated with this great cat and the color scheme give this tattoo of exceptional appeal.

Lion tattooed on the leg

A huge and fierce lion is the protagonist of this tattoo on the leg, the so called king of the jungle is perfectly portrayed. With large fangs protruding from his teeth which may afraid anyone. The upper part has a beautifully told adorning his head. The detail that pervaded this tattoo artist is worth admiring.

Lion with a crown tattoo

  Tattoo of a lion with a crown. The king lion literally? The emblems and shields of many kingdoms used to have lions because they were seen as symbols of strength and ferocity. The lion has a heart on his chest (somewhat mangled) with the Rastafarian flag colors (red, yellow and green).

The lion king movie tattoo

I love the variety of Disney tattoos that we have gathered on the site.

Lion tattoo on arm

Lion tattoo, of Judah  birth (son of Jacob) in Revelations 5-5. Religion can be a great inspiration to many tattoos.