Lotus flower Archive

Mandala tattoo on wrist

  One of the most popular designs in recent years are tattoos of mandalas. Inspired by religious symbols of Hinduism and Buddhism, these tattoos represent beauty and often allude to flowers. This beautiful tattoo was done by Kim Rense at Papanatos tattoos in The Hague.

Origami elephant tattoo for girls

  Tattoo of an elephant with origami style. It is the black figure of the elephant and the  folds are parts in which no ink was added. From the back of the elephant there’s  a lotus flower coming out made ??with cyan ink. Previously we had seen this other tattoo of an elephant in origami.

Lotus flower mandala tattoo

  Mandala of a lotus flower tattooed on the forearm of a girl. The mandalas are symbols of great importance in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing beauty and perfection. These represent microcosm or macrocosm, and in this particular case it is a lotus flower. In recent years these designs have become very popular for both women

They asked me if flower tattoos were ok for men

And that was a question which make my cigarette fall from my mouth. Somebody just asked me if I thought a flower tattoo would be a good idea for him, and the answer is pretty simple: of course you can get it. And there are two main reasons for it: First, everyone is free of

Tattoo by Roman Abrego

A chestpiece of a pilot (I think). Tattoo done bye Roman Abrego from Artistic Element Tattoo. Look for more amazing works by him at his facebook.