Love Tattoo Archive

Tattoo about love on the arm

A tattoo on the arm with 4 powerful and meaningful words: Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Love. A tattoo that is meant to inspire her daily life.

Wool heart tattoo

A tattoo designed by Alena Chun from the city of Portland, Oregon. It shows a design of a red hear made from wool, behind the design theres a couple of nitting needles, and above the heart a note with the word “Crafty”. A beautiful tattoo with nice shapes and shadows which talks about passions and

Seguo il mio cuore

A tattoo with a cute phrase written in Italian: “seguo il mio cuore” which translated to Englush would be something like “I follow my heart.” This phrase has a very deep and beautiful  meaning.

Colorful rose tattoo

A multicolor rose is seen in this colorful tattoo, the wide variety of bright colors that make this tattoo a symbol of great joy and make it really attractive Undoubtedly a tattoo that many girls would like to have.

Love tattoo on wrist with water color effect

A tattoo with a very special message. It is the word “Love”  done with soft color inks in a “watercolor style” Done with purple, pink, blue and yellow ink. Between the word it is a old fashion black key. In the tattoo, located on the wrist, it appears the word Love written in different colors