Love Tattoo Archive

Tattoo for a couple in love

A tattoo for a couple in love. It is a heart shaped lock, there is a couple of red ribbons attached to it and from which there is a couple of keys. The keys have to handle the initials “C” and “K” (probably because the names of the couple), and teeth’s have a couple of

Forget me not tattoo on wrist

  The simple phrase Forget me not on the wrist. Made with a simple italic font, on one side of the phrase is a little heart with a gradient from red to white. By the tattoo artist Lloyd Nakao at Sydney, Australia.

Phrase about love

2 When I saw this tattoo my first thought was that it were notes of a class … but boy it is not. This is a phrase about love written with italic font that says: you are what you love and not what loves you back.  The words Love and Loves are highlighted with mold

Tattoo about peace and love

  A simple tattoo with great meaning. It is a couple of tattoos on wrists, on one side it is the phrase Let it out written above the symbol of peace; on the other side is the phrase Let it in over a heart which represents love. Let the peace go out, and let the love go

Heart tattoo (watercolor effect)

 An abstract heart tattoo with a very interesting effect. There is a pink purple blur below the drawing meanwhile the lines are made with a sort of “ink splatter” design. The heart is never closed, but it still enough detailed so we can recognize it. A work done by Koray Karagözler on the leg of a woman.