Mandala Tattoo Archive

Buddhist Mandala Tattoo

A lovely Mandala created from flower petals and leaves, created by New Zealand tattoo artist Josh Paki of College Hill Tattoo in Auckland. Why tattoo this design? Because it represents the equilibrium of the energies in our bodies, as well as the cosmos and universe. Un precioso Mandala realizado a partir de pétalos y hojas

Geometric tattoo on arms

The geometry is source of inspiration for many people around the world. There is something between mystery and magic in how the geometry can be used to create functional structures but also complex and beautiful designs. This tattoo is a good example of it, by creating straight lines around the perimeter of a circle one

Mandala tattoo on shoulder

A beautiful mandala inked on the left shoulder of a girl. The design is almost circular with very fine details and motifs. An exceptional work that shows how mandala designs in only one ink can be a great idea for tattoos. Most of the times mandalas are placed either on the shoulder or at the back (centered).

Mandala of a moon on the back

A blackwork done on the upper back of a woman. It is a tattoo with the classic mandala style, which often uses shapes similar to petals of flowers. But this time the complete shape is not the one of a flower or a circle, but a moon. A small modification which makes this tattoo outstanding.

Mandala tattoo on the back of a girl

A beautiful mandala tattooed on the back of a girl. A stunning blackwork made with fine and thin lines and at the same time thick lines. The back is always a nice place to get large tattoos as this, and the aesthetic of mandalas makes it perfect for both men and women.