Mandala Tattoo Archive

Madanala tattooed on the leg

In this girl’s leg is this mandala tattoo which resembles to a flower o perhaps a star. A perfect design which is about balance and harmony. We could say to do this tattoo took several hours for the perfect details it contains.

Circular tattoo on the thigh

Tattoo of a circular mandala made ??in the thigh of a woman. As expected in this type of design, there is a perfect symmetry. On many occasions associated mandalas are symbols of harmony and often represent flowers.

Large flower tattooed on the shoulder

A beautiful tattoo in the shoulder of a man. It is a flower with a mandala style, a large design for this type of works. The eye that protrudes bellow the flower in one of the petals and the great use of black ink makes this tattoo unique and admirable.

Chest and shoulder blackwork

  An awesome tattoo of a flower done in half of the chest and around the shoulder. It looks very similar to mandalas tattoos. The petals in the center have an eye aspect, and the outer circle looks more like petals. I do not know who was the tattooist, but it has done and impressive

Mandala tattoo on wrist

  One of the most popular designs in recent years are tattoos of mandalas. Inspired by religious symbols of Hinduism and Buddhism, these tattoos represent beauty and often allude to flowers. This beautiful tattoo was done by Kim Rense at Papanatos tattoos in The Hague.