Mask tattoos Archive

Aku Aku Mask (Crash Bandicoot)

For those from the late eighties or early 90s, this tattoo surely will bring memories of your childhood! It is the Aku Aku mask video game Crash Bandicoot, one of the most revolutionary 3D plataformers. Also one of the most emblematic games of the PlayStation. I found this photo prowling Tumblr so I do not know the

Clown masks

Tattoo done in the Studio 7-ink Tattoos. It is a couple of clown masks which display the classical theater maks: one of them is happy, while the other one is sad. A strange and original combination.  

Mask tattoo for girls

Tattoo of the face of a girl covered by a mask. Work done at the thigh of a girl in dark tones and covered with flowers. This work ins unfinished. Done by the the tattoo artist Lili Moule.

Venetian mask tattoo

Venetian mask tattoo. The story behind these masks is very interesting and there are a set of masks that keep a special meaning. Here is a generic mask, but too beautiful.

Japanese demon tattoo on the back

And now a large tattoo on the back, but this time a japanese styled tattoo. It’s a tattoo of a mask that symbolizes demons. I simply love japanese tattoos and al the interesting meanings they have. Important: this tattoos isn’t finished yet.