Math Tattoo Archive

Quadratic equation formula tattoo

A tattoo done on the neck of a girl, who loves math for sure. You can see the mathematical formula to find the roots in a quadratic equation, drawn on the neck of this type. x= (-b +- sqrt(b2-4ac))/2a. Perhaps she got it one week before the final exam of math? (just joking).

6 point star tattoo

A large tattoo on the back of a man. It’s a large 6 point star, it contains an outer hexagon and an inner hexagon, it looks like a protection symbol.

Golden ratio tattoo

The golden ratio is a number (a ratio) that was discovered by the greek in geometry, and that they found also in many things in the nature. Because of this fact, the golden ratio is considered a symbol of perfection. Here’s a tattoo of its graphic representation (a rectangle which is divided in two sections repeatedly).

Impossible triangle tattoo

The impossible triangle, which cannot be built, but can be drawn, or get it inked. The delta symbol and a simple yet stunning optical illusion.

Rubik’s cube tattoo

An extraordinary geek tattoo done at the chest of a man. It contains a lot of symbols related to sciences: mathematics, algebra, chemistry, etc… And just in the middle it’s a Rubik’s cube. Something I found really interesting is the sort of “mess” in which the tattoo was done. Not exactyl aestetic, but really meaningful. Do