Maxime Büchi Archive

Flowers tattoo on throat

  An awesome tattoo done around the neck, throat and chest of a woman. It is a flowering plant with the unique style of Maxime Buchi (check more tattoos done by him). Made with black ink only, must have been a very painful tattoo, just look at the size of the job.

Foot tattoo done by Maxime Buchi

  Done by the tattooist Maxime Buchi, who is usually mentioned only as MxM. He specializes in blackworks  and has a peculiar style which goes between abstract and the use of geometry and symmetricfigures. In this tattoo there’s the shape of a triangle along with various lines running in parallel.

Corse tattoo by Maxime Buchi

A corset tattooed on a girl. A Highly realistic design done by Maxime Büchi.

Black line on the foot

A tattoo done by  Maxime Büchi (aka Mxm). It’s a line around the ankle.

Tattoo on back of hand

Tattoo on  back of the hand of a boy. Meaning unknown. Pretty aesthetic, yes. Has the MxM style but I do not know who was the artist behind this tattoo.