Melissa Valiquette Archive

Horror portrait tattoo

  Portrait tattoo of a girl injured in the head and face. This is a terror tattoo,  the white eyes and the blood splatters give it a very scary look. Tattoo done by Melissa Valiquette from Sin City studio in the city of Montreal.

Tattoo in process by Melissa Valiquette

  If you had ever wondered how the process of making a color tattoo with great details. This photo shows the progress after the first session of a tattoo done by the artist Melissa Valiquette. It is the portrait of a woman smoking while on the other hand she holds a flame and several envelopes

A realistic dog tattoo

  Tattoo of a dog named “Buzz“. A design with impressive realism. Usually the idea of getting tattoos of a pet turn out in something disastrous, but if  it’s well done, as is the case, the result is impressive. Work by the artist Melissa Valiquette Sin City studio in the city of Montreal.

Skull with flowers tattoo by Melissa Valiquette

An arm tattoo which is just perfect, with a nice composition of different elements (skull and different species of flowers). I don’t know the exact meaning this tattoo may have to its owner, but it clearly is about two fundamental elements: life and death. None of them may exist without the other, as you may not die without being

Realistic tattoo of Pinhead

This is a tattoo which I may it’s strange and curious. Curious because of the great detail with which it was done; strange because it is inspired in the horror movies saga Hellraiser. From which I would only suggest you to watch the first two (of course, if you like horror movies). The character is