Mermaid Tattoo Archive

Little Mermaid from Disney

Done at Umbrella Ink Tattoo in Valparaiso, Indiana. It is the Little Mermaid, Ariel, from one of the classical Disney movies. She is portrayed a circular frame around her. Perhaps a tattoo that some girl wanted to get since she was little? The color of the tattoo is excellent, but the face of Ariel doesn’t

Little mermaid tattoo (unfinished)

Still missing the colors, but the lines have been spectacular.

Ship with sirens tattoo

A pair of mermaids tattooed on thigh of a girl. Amid a ship. Tattoo done by Angie at  Archive Tattoo located in Toronto, Ontario.  

Little mermaid tattoo

Little mermaid tattoo, one of Disney princess

Mermaid tattoo design

A design of a mermaid done by Samuele Briganti.