Metal Bands Tattoo Archive

Alice Cooper portrait tattoo

A portrait tattoo of the famous rockstar, Alice Cooper. Done in the look of him back in the 70s-and early 80’s when his album of the moment was Welcome to my nightmare. A great job with realism and incredible detail.

Korn plush tattoo

  The plushie from the rock band Korn, a plushie which is teared and abandoned. Korn is one of the most famous bands for the 90’s generations, so it is not a surprise to see that this band is so meaningful for some people. Done by Duke from 360 Blues & Tattoos @ Arlington, Texas.

Lamb of God tattoo

Tattoo of the heavy metal band Lamb of God. A lot of youth enjoy tattooing the names of their favorite bands, or the thitle of their favoirte songs, framgents of the lyrics and in some ocassions the artwork of some albums.

A Horse Called Golgotha Tattoo

Tattoo of the cover of A Horse Called Golgotha album, by the metal band Baroness.

Shawn from Slipknot

An arm tattoo of a clown, it’s the mask of Shawn from Slipknot.