Mirrors Archive

Cat portrait on shoulder

A portrait of a cat, it seems a Norway forest cat, one of the most popular home breeds. The fur has orange and gray tones which contrast with the yellowish eyes. There is a green highlight on the mirror which gives it a little bit of fantasy touch. The mirror is decorated with one large

Flowers and Mirror Tattoo on Thigh

Flowers, which appear to be decorating a beautiful mirror in the background, created by the talented hand of tattoo artist Gia Rose, of Art Machine Productions studio, and amongst the flowers we find some of the most commonly used by florists: red roses, orchids, daisies and tulips.  

Mirror tattooed on arm

Mirror tattoo on arm, inside of it an eye. It is hard for me to interpret it, but I would make a remark on the fact that: It is through the eyes that we can perceive the mirror; and is only through a mirror that we can see our own eyes. Something very interesting of this