Money Tattoo Archive

Jewelry bracelets tattoo

Some time ago I saw a picture which read: Fuck diamonds, tattoos are forever. And this is its literal demonstration. A young woman with multiple tattoos bracelets (jewelry) at the wrist. Could we say that it is very elegant tattoo?

Ruby tattooed on arm

Rubies are highly valuable gems which stand out for their intense red color. This tattoo keeps an interesting three-dimensional appearance, and it is fascinating to see how the shadow also contains flashes of light reflected by the ruby. A variation of the classic diamond tattoos.

Diamond tattoos on legs

Diamonds are a common symbol of retro style tattoos. Here are  Two big diamond tattoos on legs of a woman.

Diamonds tattoo

Diamonds tattoos on the arm of a young man. Are Sonic Chaos Emerald.

“Cash” tattoo on knuckles

A tattoo on knuckles with word “Cash”.