Moon Tattoo Archive

Astronaut standing on the moon (tattoo)

In the picture we see an astronaut walking on what seems to be our natural satellite, the moon. The background is colorful with all sort of cosmic objects such as star, planets and even nebulas. The lines of this tattoo are definetly not the best, but the idea and coloring are magnific. Work done by

Mandala of a moon on the back

A blackwork done on the upper back of a woman. It is a tattoo with the classic mandala style, which often uses shapes similar to petals of flowers. But this time the complete shape is not the one of a flower or a circle, but a moon. A small modification which makes this tattoo outstanding.

Colored moon tattoo on the back

The owner of all the nights, the moon, tattooed on the right side of the upper back. Something really interesting is the fact that this tattoo was made with color inks (soft brown and yellow tones). Most of the tattoos of moons are usually made with only black ink. This tattoo may not have the

“I’m Significant” Calvin & Hobbes

Tattoo on his arm that conveys a very important message. “I’m Significant”. This is a fragment of the comic strip “Calvin & Hobbes” by Bill Watterson, those who follow the site regularly know that I have a fascination with this pair of characters. You can see more Calvin and Hobbes tattoos here. This is a

Lunar phase tattoo on arm

The full moon and other two of the lunar phases are tattooed on the arm of this girl. These tattoos were made with almost solid black color, with well-defined shades to represent the surface of the moon. Each of the phases is interconnected by a thin and straight line. A monocromatic tattoo which I personally