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Motivational Phrases Tattoo

In this tattoo by Tiger Jimmy, appear several phrases written in circles on the arm of the customer. It’s likely that you won’t understand them, as they are written in Latin, but they include some of the most celebrated quotes of the greatest minds of antiquity, such as Horacio, for example.  

Lemonade glass

  A colorful tattoo with a very optimistic message. It is a work done by Kelly McGrath from the Studio Living Color at Madison. The picture is a glass of lemonade with the message “Half full” which is part of the classical phrase that asks whether a glass “Is half empty or half full?” This analogy

How strange it is to be anything at all Tattoo

In this tattoo, located on the arm is the phrase in English “How strange it is to be anything at all“. A phrase that can be seen as a mesage between the nihilistic and existential but also as a message of the great joy that is being alive. The ornaments that accompany this phrase give it

Your only purpos is to be incredible

A tattoo of a phrase in English which says “Your only purpose is to be incredible”. The phrase is pretty much self-explanatory. Tattoo done on the thigh with a simple font similar to that of Comic Sans (although it is not).

Stay gold tattoo on legs

Stay Gold, a popular English phrase with a great meaning . It is a nice message to remember always do our best in everything we do. This young man has this phrase tattooed on both legs. Tattoo done with a large type like font, perhaps it is still missing details as within the letters could be added