Movies Tattoo Archive

Jack Skellington tattooo

A tattoo done by the talented hands of Papa Tony. It is a design inspired in one of the best movies from Tim Burton: The Nightmare before Christmas. In the design it apears Jack Skellington and his dog Zero, in the background there are two spooky pumpkins. A huge tattoo that covers all the side

Edward Scissorhands tattoo on thigh

After publishing this tattoo, I found that there are many other works inspired by this film. This is the character Edward Scissorhands from one of the first great films of Tim Burton. Tattoo done by Samantha Storey, during the Bound Convention 2013 in Edmonton, Alberta.

Mars Attack tattoo on arm

  Tattoo of an alien as in the movie Mars Attack! a film which wasn’t precisely good, but that became a cult movie. The tattoo is the drawing of an alien carrying a laser gun. Oh, yes, I did enjoy the scene of the hippies.

Ohana tattoo on ribs

We had time without receiving visitors’ submissions, and a couple of weeks ago Vic Rivas contacted us to share his tattoo on the ribs. It is simply the word Ohana, which in Hawaiian means “Family“. Also says he loves the movie Lilo & Stitch. What do you think? Keep sending us your photos.

Tattoo of Edward Scissorhands

  Tattoo of Edward Scissorhands, one of the greatest characters of the Movies History. We could even say that this movie made Tim Burton famous. It was released in 1990, at a time when dark themes were not as popular as nowadays. A work done with impressive realism. By Jay Quarles tattoo studio Black 13.