Multiple tattoos Archive

Galea tattoo on shoulder

  Tattoo of a galea, the classic helmet worn by Roman soldiers. There are also another couple of tattoos with references to Roman civilization, the Parthenon, and a soldier sitting on the floor. Definitely the owner of this tattoo is a lover of ancient Roman civilization.

Multiple tattoos on fingers for girls

Fingers are a great place to get several small tattoos, although this are not discrete, there are persons who get them and turn their fingers into complete works of art. In this photo we can se the words Drop Dead written on the knuckles and a sveral small tattoos: pacman, a little ghost, a small

Several tattoos on stomach of girl

Three beautiful tattoos on the stomach of a girl. On the left side there’s the skull of a bird and a couple of roses; on the right side it’s a cat; and on the middle is the communist symbol, the sickle with wheat.

Moose tattoo on chest

A couple of highly complex tattoos on a boy. The chestpiece is a moose, which half of it is death and also a crow. The tattoo on the arm looks quite complex, unfortunately we cannot appreciate what’s the design about.

Horror Punk tattoos

For lovers of classic horror films, or Horror Punk gender. Many horror classic characters are seen: Frankenstein and the Monster from the lake, in addition to the cover of Die Die My Darling and the Misfits skull. See more horror tattoos.