Multiple tattoos Archive

Compass tattoo on arm

Three interesting tattoos, on wrist written in italics Amore, a little more on forearm a compass or star navigation, and on the other arm a world map.

Tattoos on chest and abdomen

A great work on chest that includes demon faces, two eagles, and the classic pyramid with eye (providence eye).

Multiple tattoos on forearm

Many works done with old tattoo style. It seen an eagle, a wolf, some flowers and a clock shaped padlock. Work done by the tattoo artist Leonardo Martins, Sorocaba – Brazil

Multiple tattoos and their meaning

Now it was the Alberto Sanchez  turn, who sent us this photo via Facebook fanpage and told us a little history behind tattoos. The anchor is a symbol of strength and AC are the initials of his father, on the other hand the owl is a symbol of wisdom and in his right hand will

Colorful tattoos on arms

Much color is impressive. A girl shows her two tattoos on arms: a set of planets of the system, and a purple octopus. Tattoos done in the Taguatinga  studio- Federal District, Brazil.