Mushroom tattoos Archive

Poppy flower tattoo

  Tattoo of a poppy flower on the arm of a woman. In the bottom of the tattoo there are also various mushrooms. All the work looks similar  to the drawings made ??in botany books. Despite being done with very simple lines, it looks spectacular don’t you think?

Green Fairy tattoo on the back

This is perhaps the most impressive tattoo of a fairy that I’ve ever seen. The artist behind this impressive work is Richard Paduch, one of the best tattoo artists. Usually Paduch works are realistic, but this is a proof that he is also an excelent artist doing fantasy tattoos. Check out more fairy tattoos. 

Mushroom tattoo

An  mushroom tattoo, or fungus, as you prefer to call it.

Mushroom tattoo on nail

Yes, that isn’t nail polish, is a tattoo done on nail.

Mario Bros tattoo

A pair of funny Mario Bros tattoos. It is precisely the mushrooms to make you big and the 1Up tattooed on his ankles.