Musical Tattoo Archive

Phonograph tattoo on arm

A multicolored phonograph tattooed on the arm. The device used to play the old vinyl which, surely, many still remember with a lot of Nostalgia. The details that permeated the artist are not the best, yet it is a good quality work.

Hello Darkness my old friend tattoo on hand

A tattoo done on the hand of a young man, it is a landscape of a forest with some birds flying across the sky. Around the phrase reads: Hello darkness my old friend (Hello darkness, my dear friend), which is the first line of the famous song by Simon and Garfunkel (The Sound of Silence).

Staff tattoo on thigh

Simple, elegant, attractive to look at and well defined are some features we can tell about this musical tattoo. It is a staff drawn on the woman’s thigh in the front there is a knot made in detail using the pentagram that surrounds the entire thigh.

Music staff tattoo

Located in the forearm, this tattoo shows a musical staff full of notes, perhaps the same are the tunes of the favorite song of the person wearing this work of art. Undoubtedly, it was hard work for the tattoo as much detail seen in this tattoo of musical notes.

Colorful tapes tattoo

The tapes were once the epitome of audio clarity, and today they are remembered as a symbol of nostalgia. Do you still have music tracks recorded on one of these? Viewing this job causes me homesickness in a good way. A fun and very colorful tattoo done on shoulder and part of the forearm of