Musical Tattoo Archive

Treble clef tattoo

Treble clef tattoo behind ear.

Bass clef tattoo on back

In tattoo word there are some artist that stand out for their excellent works. Xoil is a french who has created his own style of tattooing and this is one of his many works. It´s a Bass clef tattoo done on back o f a girl. The tattoo simulates be a very attractive combination of

Music is love tattoo

A tattoo with the phrase: Music is love. I agree with this.

Sheet Music Tattoo on chest

For those passionate with the music, or musicians, a sheet music tattooed on the chest. The sheet is tearing apart which gives a dramatic effect, also it’s written the phrase “some pursue Happiness others create it” .

Tatoo of music notes behind the ear

 A small tattoo of musical notes behind the ear of a girl. This is a great place to get small and appealing tattoo and if you are a musician or yet a student you will love getting one of this.