Nautilus tattoo Archive

Pink Nautilus tattoo

Work done at Bold As Brass Tattoo Studio at Liverpool. The design was done with a Japanese style; solid lines delineate the waves of the sea. In the middle of the tattoo lies a pink Nautilus from which we can see its green eye and tis small tentacles going out from the shell. Nautiluses are magnificent animals which

Nautilus tattoo on the arm

A Nautiulus tattooed on the arm of a man. It is an animal with a very beautiful shell which closely resembles that of the ammonites. The shell of this animal is made in “chunks” in black ink, the inside has been left out of ink to give a light effect. We invite you to view

Large Nautilus tattoo on the back

  A large tattoo on the back of the shell of a Nautilus a very interesting creature that resembles the ancient Ammonites. This work has been done with a side shading gives a between real shell or a fossil. Here you can see more nautilus tattoos.

Nautilus tattoo at ribs

A nautilus tattooed at the ribs of a girl. We could also say it’s an ammonite.

Nautilus tattoo

Shell tattoo like that of a nautilus on  wrist of a boy.