Number tattoos Archive

Lost numbers tattoo

  Lost TV show was such a hit at the time. Remember the mysterious numbers that appeared throughout the series? Well, here are the numbers turned into a tattoo. Maybe a tattoo for good fortune? What is certain is that the girl who did this tattoo truly loved the series. The numbers are: 4, 8,

Number seven tattoo

The seven is a very meaningful number for us, there are seven days on the week, and for many people it’s a lucky number.

Roman numeral tattoo (XIV)

 A tattoo of the fourteen number in roman numeral. Work done at Guadalajara en México  by the tattoo artist Priscila Zamora.

Coordinates tattooed on foot

These are the Dominican Republic coordinates. She says that did the tatto oafter going to missions in this country. Tattoo done at Chameleon Tatoo by artist Rueben Kayden in Boston .

Coordinates tattooed on back

Geographical coordinates tattoo on back. The reason, explains the girl, is for each of the locations where he has lived.