Octopus Tattoo Archive

Octopus Woman Tattoo

A somewhat extravagent tattoo, drawn by Ien Levin, on the forearm of its owner. You know what’s weird? Having an octopus on your shoulders. Not exactly ordinary (and really makes you think about the preferences of this customer), but this artist has taken it on with no problem whatsoever.

Octopus Tattoo on Hand

A tattoo drawn with great precision by Jowl Madberg, which this man wished to have done on such a highly visible part of his body, his hands. His great fondness, one of the most fascinating animals of the sea: the octopus. This octupus has run into an unfortunate scuba diver, whom he has left without

Monstruous octopus

  A monstrous creature created by Henrik from East Street Tattoo at Stockholm, Sweeden. It resembles to the kind of horrific creatures that sailors thought existed under the sea, some creature taken out of a science fiction book of Jules Verne perhaps? It also reminds me the kind of creatures Lovecraft would create. What do

Giant octopus on the shoulder

A giant octopus is present in this tattoo on the shoulder of a girl. The marine animal movement seems to be in the position of its long tentacles. Octopuses are mystical creatures that inspire many lovers of tattoos and the sea, are characterized by their intelligence and their ability to change colors. Undoubtedly, this tattoo

Octopus and bike tattoo

A huge octopus and a bicycle are the protagonists of this tattoo on the arm, perhaps  an odd combination, but also interesting, specially becausee it is a good tattoo. The details and shadows make this a magnific tattoo.