Octopus Tattoo Archive

Giant octopus tattooed on arm

Surrounding the biceps of the manthere’s this octopus tattoo. This inkwork was done with black ink and few shades, which makes an interesting contrast against the color of the skin. This tattoo on the arm is perfect for those who love marine life, we would say that is a tattoo done for sailors.

Large octopus tattoo

  A large tattoo of an octopus along the ribs (A rather painful place to get tattoos) done in black and white inks with red strokes for fills. This marine animal is pretty popular in the tattoo world, it  symbolizes plenty of things such as the complexity, diversity, mystery, vision, intelligence, loneliness, enthusiasm, versatility and

Octopus Blackwork on leg

  An octopus tattooed with black ink only throughout the thigh, knee and part of the leg of a woman. Interestingly in this design hardly visible head and has given more emphasis to be appreciate the details of the tentacles. Tattoo done by Laura Lenihan from Ten Tonne Tattoo at London.

Megenta octopus tattoo

An interesting tattoo of an octopus in magenta color, with yellow eyes with an angry look. Done on the shoulder of a young man. The octopus looks quite detailed which makes it look a robotic appearance. Made by Anil Gupta tattoo.

Orange octopus on shoulder

  An orange octopus holding an anchor between it’s tentacles. Symbols of skill and wisdom. Its eight tentacles extend around the shoulder of the girl. Designed and made ??by Jesus from Inked Culture. In the city of Conover at North Carolina.