Octopus Tattoo Archive

Octopus tattoo on leg

An impressive octopus tattooed on leg. Done by Craig Secrist  at Iron Clad located at Salt Lake City, Utah.  

Colorful tattoos on arms

Much color is impressive. A girl shows her two tattoos on arms: a set of planets of the system, and a purple octopus. Tattoos done in the Taguatinga  studio- Federal District, Brazil.

Octopus tattoo on back of a man

Octopus tattoo done by Scott Marshall at Vanity Tattoo studio  in de  Roselle city, IL.

Pirate Octopus tattoo

I say just one thing: FUCK YEAH, it is great.

Octopus tattoo on arm

A tender octopus tattooed on arm of a girl.