Origami Tattoo Archive

Paper birds tattooed on arm

 A tattoo inspired on origami in which three birds are hanging from strings. These birds are Japanese cranes. I think that the original tattoo contains splashes of colors, the problem is that the photography is in black and white now. Origami means (in Japanese) folding paper, and is the art of creating figures by folding paper and

Origami figures on the chest

A tattoo composed of several images, but all these share one characteristic: all of them are figures made in the ancient art of origami. You can apreciate  figures of birds (cranes) of different sizes and  in the midle a red heart. Tattoo done on the chest of a girl.

Origami squirrel tattoo

  Tattoo of a squirrel made ??in origami, the art of paper figures. On the paper figure is a sketch of a rose that simulates being done with pen. A faint purple shade gives the effect of three dimensions. Tattoo done by Raychel Maughan in Newcastle England.

Paper birds tattoo

A pair of birds (herons) made of paper. There are many tattoos that simulate origami figures, I personaly find them fascinating. The other important detail of this tattoo is the effect of watercolors which have “tainted” the paper figures.

Origami elephant tattoo for girls

  Tattoo of an elephant with origami style. It is the black figure of the elephant and the  folds are parts in which no ink was added. From the back of the elephant there’s  a lotus flower coming out made ??with cyan ink. Previously we had seen this other tattoo of an elephant in origami.